I run a large multi provider medical practice. Both our billing and note taking software run on our already overwhelmed network server. Employees even log in remotely to complete their work. We CAN NOT go down. We have been using Infotec Networks for almost two years now. Prior to Ted’s help, we experienced frequent interruptions to service with long periods of downtime with each incident. No more. Ted is “Johnny on the Spot” and available 24/7. That is, of course, if we need him! However, after taking over as our IT guy, Ted optimized our network and server so we get more out of it, he also got the network to work faster and made it so efficient that I don’t remember the last time it went down? Choosing Infotec Networks for our IT needs was a great decision that allows me to worry about growing my business and not my network.

Dr. Raj Gupta Garden State Spine and Pain Institute

Ted Johnson has not only saved us thousands of dollars in downtime, but he has created an environment where we are at the highest level of efficiency with all of our technology. Our employees have access to him and Ted responds immediately with their concerns or issues. We are 1,000% ecstatic with Ted’s services and supports he brings to VIE. I have used many IT services over the last 17 years of running a small business, by FAR, Infotec is the best, and Ted is dedicated, knowledgeable and customer service oriented. You should have him perform the no charge analysis IMMEDIATELY, we did over 2 years ago, and that was one of the best decisions we made.

Lisa Miller Founder and CEO
Vie Healthcare

Infotec offers a fixed price monthly package of managed services that meet our small business lT needs and fit into our office budget as well. There are no hidden fees or charges. Ted understands the growing needs and challenges of small business commerce and he constantly works to maintain our levels of security and IT efficiency. We don't even have to think about it!

Samantha Young VP Case Management
The CFS Group

WOW! That is all I can say about Ted and the team at INFOtec Networks. With the INFOprotect Service plan, it's nice to know that my entire network is handled so I can focus on running my business. I've worked with a number of other computer consultants in the past and no one can touch their level of service or expertise.

Tedd Vitale CPA
T. M. Vitale & Associates, LLC

I suffered a hard disk crash, naturally on the laptop that stored all of my business information. Ted not only recovered all of my files, he set up a new network in the office. I am now on Ted's INFOprotect Managed Service Plan, which handles all the normal day-to-day computer tasks, allowing me to focus on growing business revenue.

Mike Cannon President
The Cannon Group