The addition of Star2Star’s phone system gives Infotec Networks another tool to satisfy their clients’ technology requirements. Star2Star’s unique, award-winning end-to-end Blended Architecture maintains a business grade call quality equal to any traditional phone solution on the market today. And its leading–edge VoIP solution offering includes an IP PBX, IP phones and business-grade Internet phone system with continuous monitoring. By taking responsibility for the entire call path, Star2Star is able to control quality by using their patent-pending technology to monitor each customer’s local hardware, Internet connection and phone systems 24/7/365.

In the event of a disaster, power or Internet connection failure, the system will automatically failover calls to branch offices, cell phones or other off-premise lines, as had been previously planned by the customer.

The Star2Star system offers several advantages over traditional phone systems:

  1. Drastically reduces your phone bill: If you have multiple offices, or even remote workers, Star2Star’s new voice over VoIP technology integrates your data and voice networks to potentially reduce long distance and lease line charges you are currently paying.
  2. Business Continuity: Remember the hurricane in August of last year?  Did your phone systems remain operational?  Did your company lose business due to the inability to contact clients?  Star2Star’s unique hybrid internet phone system kept its' clients connected by automatically sending all calls to their cellphones.
  3. Eliminates expensive technician visits: Star2Star’s system was built so you could easily maintain it in-house with a few simple mouse clicks. No more waiting around for high-priced technicians to show up or paying high service call fees.  Or, if you prefer, Infotec Networks can provide all necessary system maintenance.
  4. FREE voice mail, auto attendant, call processing, automatic call distribution and conference rooms: If you’ve ever bought any other vendor’s system, you know they charge a lot more for the extras already included standard in this system.
  5. Cost: The Star2Star Business Internet telephone system is 25%-85% LESS expensive than other well-known phone systems such as Avaya, Nortel, and Cisco, to name a few.
  6. Cell Phone Integration: Can your current phone system automatically forward calls to your cell phone if you are away from your desk, or out of the office?  Star2Star’s system can be set up to automatically sequence the call from your desk phone, to the cell phone, and then back to the company’s internal voice mail system.
  7. Remote Workers: Do you have employees working from home?  Do you, the business owner, wish you could have a business extension in your home office?  The Star2Star system can set up remote phones connected to the internet from anywhere you are.  We even offer a Softphone, a program that runs on a computer, providing VoIP phone service to road warriors, wherever they may be!
  8. We offer the INDUSTRY’S ONLY 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. If you are not happy with your new VoIP phone system, we will come back out, remove the system we installed, and refund your entire purchase price for the first thirty days of operation. That’s how confident we are that you’ll LOVE this system.