If you’ve been considering buying consumer grade networking equipment for your business as a means of saving money, you may want to rethink that approach. While the equipment itself is less expensive, it will probably wind up costing you more than it saves. In this video, we’ll outline three risks of using consumer grade network equipment in your business, coming up next.

At first glance, buying consumer grade networking equipment for your business might seem like a good idea. On closer inspection though, doing so could cause big issues and damage your business in ways you hadn’t considered. Here are three problems with using consumer grade equipment.

Number 1: Shorter life span – Consumer-grade networking equipment wasn’t built to last. At best, you can expect to be able to use your consumer-grade router for a couple of years before you’ll have to replace it. Contrast that with business-grade equipment, which is built with higher quality components and is likely to last you a decade or longer.

Number 2: Poor quality of service – In addition to being generally of lower quality, consumer-grade networking equipment tends to have shorter warranties, is less configurable, and less able to handle a constant heavy load of network traffic, which means your overall quality of service will suffer. Consumer-grade equipment will simply slow you down.

Number 3: Inferior Security - If the first two problems weren’t bad enough, there’s the security issue. Consumer equipment just doesn’t offer the same level of protection that commercial-grade equipment does, which means you’re putting your business at risk by trying to cut corners to save a bit of money. Commercial equipment often comes with years of support and firmware upgrades where consumer equipment can often fail to receive updates all together.

The bottom line is that consumer-grade networking equipment just isn’t up to the task of handling business needs. The risks and limitations just aren’t worth the nominal amount of money saved. If your networks are slowing you down, we can help. Give our team a call.

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