Growing a small business with competition around means that occasionally you will win customers from your competition. Of course, this is always done without any hard feelings, but it happens if you’re providing a service or product that others provide, too. Android and Apple did it to RIM because both were providing a more exceptional product than the Blackberry that was currently on the market. So if you’re struggling a little with your own profitability, see if these tips can help you win over some customers.

Have an Ear to the Ground

Are you listening to the people who already use those other companies? Even if they won’t talk to you specifically, they’re probably talking in public about the good or bad service that other companies are providing for them. For example, places like Yelp and Awards dinners can help you find disgruntled gossip about your competitor. Take that feedback and figure out the competition’s strengths and weaknesses so you can improve your offering.


The Small Things Mean a Lot

When you’re trying to win someone over, often the little things are what do it, not huge discounts and unreasonable promises. An example of a company that does this is Tmobile. When you switch from another provider to T-Mobile, they offer to pay part of your termination fees.

Winning customers isn’t a quick process, but with a little focus, charm, and cleverness, you should be able to score some pretty big clients from companies that have already done the leg-work for you.